There is a school of thought that if you buy a bike, just as all people are suggesting you, you will not have a place to go and enjoy the ride. Well, I’m not even going to bother to tell you how wrong this is. You have plenty of places to visit with your bike or to simply go around town with it. Let’s cover some of the most common terrains to go cycling.

Simple town riding

If you are planning on buying any type of bike, you can be sure that on the streets of your town is the perfect place to have some fun. The type does not matter, road, mountain or hybrid bike, they will all do the task right. Among the best features in the city, riding is that you have plenty of space to go wherever you want. Feel free to take any roads that have been playing with your mind and find what is hidden there. Basically, the whole town is in front of you and all you have to do is grab the bike and go around. However, never forget that this is not the safest place to go as there are countless cars, people, and other vehicles which makes it extremely risky. Be considered and ride your bike carefully.

Mountain Biking

This is among the most practiced type of bicycle riding for people with mountain type bikes as it is a lot of fun. Feel the adrenaline rising through your veins while going down the hill or barely managing to climb it. This is all possible if you decide to go to the nearest mountain and take the first road that appears in front of you. Talk to your friends who have the same bike type as you, and arrange a date for the big journey. However, never forget that such actions might be extremely dangerous if not considered before. There is a significant number of risks and things that could go wrong so be careful and most importantly, be prepared. Take a lot of water and food, first aid kit as well as spare tube and bicycle tools. In addition, try to learn the route perfectly as one thing you do not want to happen is to get lost.

Out of town roads

While going from one city to another, you have probably seen cyclists on the road. You can be one of them. Needless to say, the adrenaline is amazing from the cars and trucks passing you by. What you need is a road bike, as it will be most comfortable for such journeys, accurate route, spare time and willpower. Some beneficial advances: pick roads that are not being very used as you do not want to get hurt or be an obstacle for the rest of the traffic. Choose your home as a starting point and go to the nearest city as a first destination. Go around the town and probably rest a bit as a big adventure is expecting you on the back as well. If you like the experience, do not hesitate to try some further destination, presumably 20-30 kilometres?
On the whole, it all depends on you to make bicycle riding a pleasant experience. Choose one of the mentioned above paths and give it a try. I can guarantee you that you will love it and next week, after some serious rest, you will look for another route. Keep in mind, that safety is before everything, including fun, thus, take all the security measures that come to your mind. Reflective vest, lights, spare tyres and everything other you might need on a such experience.