The new Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses stand out not least because of their size. But can it also build on the success of the top seller Jawbreaker? We’ll take the first test.

We could already test the new Oakley Flight Jacket only since some weeks officially in the trade. Our first impression:

Jawbreaker or Flight Jacket?
Like the Oakley Jawbreaker, which many professionals have been wearing for several years, the Flight Jacket stands out for its enormous size. The main difference to the Jawbreaker: The Flight Jacket does not have a frame above the top edge of the glass. This results in a large opening at the forehead – and very good ventilation in addition to the large field of vision. This is a great functional advantage of the Flight Jacket and was convincing even during slow uphill runs in heat or when the airflow was missing during stops. The lenses almost never fog up, and the face does not overheat as much as with other glasses. Nevertheless, draughts and dry eyes were not an issue in the test – especially my friend that is wearing contact lenses was positively surprised by this.

New: The Advancer nose bridge
The tilting Advancer nose bridge can ventilate the glasses even better. The shorter replacement temples ensure a comfortable fit. The Prizm glasses were particularly convincing due to their strong contrasts, even in sections with many alternations between light and shadow. The polarization effectively minimized glare effects. Thanks to the Unobtainium material, the glasses held well even during heavy sweating. However, it slipped a little during strong shocks. Although the glasses weigh 32 grams, the lower frame can be clearly felt as the center of gravity. Some testers also complained that the lower frame had a minimal effect on the field of vision.

Test Conclusion Oakley Flight Jacket
The new Flight Jacket is light, well ventilated and stands out above all due to its large field of vision. The shatter-proof Prizm glasses are at the absolute top level. However, the lower frame has minimal influence on the field of vision on the road bike. The seat’s good. The Flight Jacket could, however, fit a little tighter to our taste.

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