The first tire lever for modern tubeless bicycle tire maintenance

Remember your last cycle trip when your tubeless tire had a flat? And you were stuck with your old tire lever that proved to be nearly useless on tubeless wheels? Jonny Hintze has a solution for you: The Snēk Cycling Lifeboat Tire Lever.

With the invention of tubeless wheels and the added benefit and ease of tire sealant to fix and prevent flats, traditional tire levers cannot fully service modern tubeless setups. With tubeless systems, the quickest way to fix and prevent a flat is to install tire sealant. The easiest way to do that is through the valve stem, but valve cores need to be removed in order to do so – an easy task with this handy device.

Snēk Cycling Lifeboat Tire Lever

The Lifeboat tire lever is an all-in-one tire lever + valve core remover + bottle opener. Now you can easily fix a flat, change a tire or install sealant to tubeless wheel systems, all while enjoying your beverage of choice.

One lever will cost you only $9. They are Made in the USA. Shipping is expected from November 2018 and the Kickstarter Campain is still open for another 37 days.
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