Although the new SHIMANO 105 looks like its big siblings DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA, the developers for the R7000 group also considered that 105 users usually use their racing bike for much more than just racing or training. The SHIMANO 105 has always marked the entry into the field of high-quality, race-inspired component groups. With the new 105, this definition is now much broader and also includes the high degree of user-friendliness and customizability required for a wide range of applications.

The biggest innovation within the 105 group is undoubtedly the introduction of a group-integrated hydraulic disc brake system. The new Flat-Mount calipers BR-R7070 are compatible with the ICE TECHNOLOGIES brake pads and with the UCI-compliant (no 90-degree angle) SM-RT70 brake discs and thus offer a high degree of heat dissipation. The counterpart on the handlebars are the new ergonomic dual-control gear/brake levers (ST-R7020), which, like the ULTEGRA ST-R8020 levers, offer a larger adjustment range for different hand sizes and grip widths. For even more customization options, the 105 R7000 group offers an additional STI model (STR7025), which, due to a modified angle to the handlebar and to the outside, is particularly suitable for
drivers were designed with small hands.

On both STI types – for rim brakes (ST-R7000) and disc brakes (STR7020/7025) – the gearshift mechanism has also been revised to ensure faster and smoother shifting operations with less lever travel. The design and function of the front derailleur are very similar to that of the DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA front derailleurs and is characterized, among other things, by greater clearance for wide tires and the integration of tension clamp and adjustment using a 2 mm Allen key. In addition to the SS rear derailleur with a short cage, a medium cage version (RD-R7000-GS) is also available, which can be operated with cassettes up to 11-34Z. The new 105 rear derailleurs also feature SHIMANO SHADOW RD technology.

A new “Mid Compact” crank transmission with 52-36Z will join the proven cranks with 50-34Z and 53-39Z. In addition, a new 11-30Z cassette (CS-R7000) and an 11-34Z cassette (CS-HG700-11) provide optimum ratios, especially for applications such as Gravel, Adventure or Cyclocross. As with ULTEGRA and DURA-ACE, the cranksets themselves are characterized by a larger chainring spacing, which enables slightly greater chain skew and thus short chain stay lengths even with larger installation widths on the rear wheel.

Tim Gerrits, Product Manager at Shimano Europe: “Improved controllability and response were two points we focused on during development. Added to this is what people have always expected from a 105: great versatility and a high benefit factor for the driver. With the new 105, which is suitable for a wide range of contemporary riding styles and applications, we hope to open up the full potential of what and where a modern road bike can do”.

The new SHIMANO 105 R7000 will be available on the market from June and comes in an attractive look with two different shades of black as well as a classic silver finish.