Campagnolo has introduced many technologies in more than 80 years of history prestigeträchtiger that have changed the rules of the game and testify to the triumphs of the greatest champions the world has ever seen. The first 8-, 9-, 10- and 11-speed drive systems and the first system impellers were developed from the invention of the first quick-release.

The first impeller with clamping construction and many other products recognized worldwide for their quality and extremely high performance. With so many fantastic products and a whole range of exclusive, high-performance solutions, there was only one system missing that would help the cyclist manage his components and some aspects of saddle experience in a complete and efficient way. This is exactly what the new App MyCampy… everything in one hand… and offer everything for free!

The new MyCampy app is the factotum that helps you manage your equipment and performance on and off the saddle. From managing your bicycle fleet and the components mounted on each bike to analyzing the EPSTM services with the possibility of complete personalization, the new app is not only a technical help at your service, but also your “sports director” and much more.

The app lets you interact with your fleet of bicycles and experience the Campagnolo experience in the most perfect way, all from the comfort of your smartphone, PC or tablet.

The App is available for free at the App Store, Google play or for Windows 10.


To keep all your bike equipment under perfect control, always know how many kilometers each component, wheel, chain or sprocket set has covered and when general maintenance should be carried out so that everything works as if it were new.


Allows you to interact with the Campagnolo electronic drive system by connecting wirelessly with the EPSTM group to personalize the various levers and performances of the system according to your preferences, download and install new firmware directly or perform real-time diagnostics on each component of the EPSTM group.


Sophisticated analysis tool that allows you to accurately assess your performance in terms of component usage, with each shift being tracked, you know exactly where, when and how to ride a particular route, and advice and suggestions are offered to improve your performance on the bike, all this along with the very latest Wi-Fi functional EPSTM V3 interface.