2019 Stevens Surpreme

Ladies, if you really want to make an impression on your way to the office, then this Stevens Cyclocross Bike would be highly recommended. The Cyclocross frame of the proven Gavere model – not quite as stretched as a racing bike frame, but also not quite as upright as an MTB frame – forms the basis for this mixture of speed and everyday life. A compact drive, flat mount disc brakes, a stiff aluminum frame, 2×11-speed gears from Shimano, plus 40mm tires suitable for everyday use, LED headlights with hub dynamo and mudguard…

2019 Stevens Supreme
To store all this on the only 11.4kg was certainly not easy, but Stevens mastered the trick. The Stevens Supreme is a ladies road bike with everyday equipment, it convinces with speed on asphalt, but also makes bad roads or rural terrain passable. The Supreme will cost about $1500. It is suitable for ambitious female bikers who, in addition to all everyday commutes, also like to do sports and are looking for a bike that can do both.